goSecure's Speedy AES encryption Saves Your Time

goSecure provides efficient and simple file and folder security to all Mac users. Hassle free and instant encryption lets you get back to work and saves your precious time.

goSecure literally encrypts files in a glance! It takes less than a few seconds to encrypt typical documents. GoGoalSoft conducted tests to see how well goSecure performs. In our testing, goSecure approaches speeds of up to 90 Mb/sec, or 11MB/sec. goSecure can encrypt a document 100MB in size in only 9 seconds!

No more headaches!

Your time is valuable! Why waste it on file security, when we already made it easy and simple? Apart from the speedy performance, goSecure saves time by elinimating many redundant steps, giving you huge time savings in the long run.

The extremely easy work flow keeps your focused on what you want done. goSecure keeps your mind clear, and gives you a fun and productive day.

Note: Tests were conducted on a 1st generation 1.83Ghz MacBook laptop with 2.5" hard drive. Recent Mac sold in the past 2 years will likely give even better performance.

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